Customer Value Journey

by Mellissa Rempfer

Below is a segment from one of Digital Marketer's training on the Customer Value Journey. Russ, the teacher did a great job walking through the training. This recording specifically is from a screen capture of that training, with my pauses and comments along the way as I discuss how this will work with TSIB company.

The Customer Value Journey is something that we all need to be very mindful of here at TSIB company. This is how we build out all of our content, what we offer, when we make offers, and overall grow the company. Think of this as the pathway for how we take people who know nothing about us, to like us, engage with us, buy our boxes, and stay as not only customers but brand ambassadors.

If you have any questions about the Customer Value Journey, what we are building for each phase, or just want to know more. Don't hesitate to reach out. 

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