by Mellissa Rempfer

I may find things that support either the topic of the lesson, the box, or the theme. I will use this space to add any additional resources or things I find valuable to this library. This will be an every growing space so I will be adding to it over time.  


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Humans of New York- Baggy Pants

Story about a man who decided make a small change to improve his life, and how he used that small change to lead to more changes. This is a great example of how doing a practice with a self awareness together is a powerful tool for self improvement. In this case the practice was changing his clothes. His self awareness monitoring was tracking his spread sheet looking at the patterning being curious about what actually happening.

Neuroscience of Gratitude and the Effects it has on the Brain

Great article that explores a variety of different aspects of how neuroscience and the brain work together and some of the latest research in this same. Updated Sep 2022.

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