Love YourSELF.

Grow YourSELF.

Treat YourSELF.

A Subscription Box that Supports Your Self-Improvement and Personal Growth. 

A monthly box for professionals as a gift of love, personal self-improvement, and making the world better one box at a time.

Our Mission

The Self Improvement Box Company is founded on the mission to support professionals be their best versions of themselves, and bring more happiness into this world. Each Box is a package of love, personal growth and improvement, and expression to aid you bringing apart a better life for all. (Head, heart, body, and soul). We are committed to be the kind of people that our pets know we are (one box at a time). 

How It Works

We understand how being a busy professional takes time.

So we are keeping it simple with only three steps. 

Subscribe to
The Self-Improvement Box

Pick whatever plan best supports you or the person who are gifting.

We Ship Your Box

We ship each box by the 25th of each month (and often sooner). 

Your Box of Love Arrives
(and more!)

Enjoy the goodies from your box. Plus, don't forget about your monthly lesson, a self awareness inquiry, and a practice to develop a specific skill. 

What's Inside

A box that transforms lives for the better. The Self-Improvement Box is the perfect support system for self-discovery for bringing out your best Self.  An inspiring monthly subscription to provide your head, heart, body, and soul with the tools needed to improve on what makes you an amazing you, (and grow yourself in those areas you want to improve upon). Every month you'll receive 3-5 thoughtful items that are expertly curated along with a theme lesson that is sure to bring positivity and encouragement in your day. Our boxes help busy folks tap into sources of personal happiness which contributes to improved professional performance and overall well-being in all areas of life.

More than Just a Box...

A Gift of Compassion, Curiosity, and Connection

Monthly Box

Your customized box of resources and goodies (curated just for you, to bring a smile to your face)

Motivating Lesson-Workshop

Practical motivating training with a different theme/topic each month

Self-Awareness Inquiry

Love 'ah ha' moments? We provide a self awareness inquiry activity so that you can have several over the month

Develop Skillsets and put them into Action

Take the monthly learning into action with a skills developing "practice" so you gain more mastery and confidence embodying being the best YOU

Community - The Club

And don't forget about being in "the Club". Join a community of like minded, like hearted, action taking professionals dedicated to growing themselves and making the world a better place

About the curator and facilitator


I'm  Mellissa Rempfer 

Each box is truly an extension and gift from the heart from me, Mellissa Rempfer to you. After a series of heart touching life events (from my husband having an aneurysm on my 40th birthday, to 3 spine surgeries in one year, to losing two of my dog children who were also emotional support dogs, to our remaining dog child having brain inflammation and the same autoimmune disease I have) enough was enough. My heart can only be so big and cope with everything.

Even with all of the years of doing self-improvement and personal growth work on herself and with clients, I wanted to give the give the gift of love to others one heart at a time. I joking refers to these as care boxes of love (and really sees these as just that, a care box of love and self-improvement). For me, I see each every box to be a personal touch from my heart to yours to be the gift and healing of love the world is seeking... one box with a heart connection at a time. This healing heartfelt gift is for you, myself, and the world we share. 

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One-time Box




+ $9.95 Shipping & Handling. $14.95 for outside of the USA

6 months of Boxes





+ $9.95 Shipping & Handling. $14.95 for outside of the USA

-Anastasia Violet Lipske

Owner, Access Speakers, Speaker/Guest Podcast Booking Agency 

I have known Mellissa both personally and professionally for many years. As her speaker agent, I am very aware of her in-depth knowledge and expertise in the world of self-improvement. 

As our relationship has developed she is a person I often turn to and dialogue with about personal growth and how critical it is to help us flourish in our lives. She has an innate skill to know just what to say and how to support me while on this path.

I am over the moon excited about her new project of a subscription box to support my neverending journey of self-improvement. I have been a subscriber to many boxes in the past but never any that will so greatly support my soul. 

Sign me up!!!! 

-Maya Hiersoux

High End Real Estate Broker for east Bay California and Santa Fe, New Mexico

Being able to learn about ourselves and get the goods each month is super exciting!  

Mellissa is a delightful woman who is brilliant in the area of personal growth. Having taken many workshops with her over the years I am always walk away with deep insights, ah ha moments, and very practical growth. Knowing Mellissa is taking the idea of these monthly boxes to serve others is truly a gift. 


How much does it cost?

Our boxes are $55 per month with an ongoing monthly commitment (minimum of 6 months). If you want to do a one time box, that is $65 a box. There is also a 6 month subscription at $60 per month (great as a gift for someone else). There is a $9.99 shipping and handling fee for each box for US bound boxes. If you want the box shipped outside of the USA, then the cost is $14.99 for shipping and handling.

When can I expect to receive my box?

Your payment will draft on the same day each month of when you signed up. Boxes will be packed and shipped on the 20th of the month days, sometimes earlier!

Is there a commitment or can I cancel at anytime?

No commitment.  If you need to cancel your subscription, you can log into your account and submit a cancel anytime.  Please note – cancellation requests much be received 14 days before your billing date or you will be charged for the following month. You can also cancel by sending an email to WeCare@GivingExcellence.com with the word CANCEL BOX in the subject line. 

What does my box include?

Each box include three main components:

  • Gifts- 3-5 curated items that are themed to support the topic for each month. One gift is a specific gift from the heart of Mellissa to you.
  • Lesson- Improvement Impact, your monthly themed practical teaching moment that will include a self-awareness, a practice, and a teaching topic that is tied to the month.
  • Community- Self-Improvement Club, a community of fellow professionals and people interested in growing themselves and others.

Can I buy this box for someone else?

Absolutely!  Each box is designed to be something for you to enjoy or be a gift to someone who you know who is interested in personal growth and self improvement. When you sign up for your first box, we will give you a series of questions to tailor the box for the recipient. And if you don't know the answer (like what size T-shirt) then take a guess and we can work with the recipient to get the correct details. 

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or anything. You can reach us at WeCare@GivingExcellence.com (Giving Excellence is Mellissa's parent company who runs the boxes). You can also reach in our Facebook community The Self Improvement Club by tagging Mellissa. The Self Improvement Club